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Alcohol and Drug Rehab near Cork

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is a residential rehabilitation centre which provides treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. We are located a 3.5 hour drive from the city of Cork, in County Louth, Ireland. It is possible to take a direct train from Cork to Dublin airport and take a 45 minute drive from there to Smarmore Castle.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Cork, Ireland

In Cork, the majority of people referred to drug and alcohol services struggle with alcohol, cannabis, benzodiazepines ( e.g Valium & Xanax) and heroin abuse. Although alcohol abuse among young people has fallen over past years in Cork and the rest of Ireland, Ireland is near the top of the European table for use of ecstasy, cocaine, new psychoactive drugs (“legal highs”), and inhalants. Prescription drug abuse among young people is on the rise in Cork.

The rate of alcohol consumption in Cork and Ireland is high compared to other European countries. Ireland is one of the biggest consumers of alcohol in Europe, with 63.9% of males and 51.4% of females starting to drink alcohol before the age of 18. It also has one of the highest binge drinking rates in Europe, with 20.1% overindulging on alcohol at least once a week.

Alcohol is implicated in over 1000 deaths per year in Ireland, and is a factor in more than half of all suicides.

Residential Rehab Treatment Clinic, near Cork

At Smarmore Castle, our mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective treatment for our patients. We receive patients from Dublin, Cork, wider Ireland, the UK, EU and the rest of the world. We offer many different options for referral and admission.

Our Treatment Programme

Our addiction treatment model has been developed over 30 years by a world-renowned team of doctors and therapists. We provide a clinically proven, 12-step rehab programme, which includes:

Our residential rehabilitation treatment programme is based on the clinically proven Castle Craig Model, pioneered by our partner establishment in Scotland. At Smarmore our expert team of therapists, nurses and doctors are led by a highly-experienced Consultant Psychiatrist.

Our Location, 3.5 hours from Cork

Smarmore Castle is based just 3.5 hours from Cork, in a stunning, rural location  in County Louth. Patients will find both comfort and privacy in a renovated 14th-century castle which houses a large leisure and fitness centre with swimming pool and gym, set in 15 acres of land which patients can explore freely.

Admissions for Patients from Cork and the Rest of Ireland

Patients from Cork and the rest of the Republic of Ireland can access detox and addiction rehab treatment at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in the following ways:

Contact us for more information on our admissions process.

AA and NA Meetings in County Cork

We recommend you begin your journey to abstinence by seeking self-help in the form of attending peer support groups in Cork. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are organised across Ireland, in Dublin, Cork, Tipperary, Limmerick, Galway, among others. They provide an invaluable network of support for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction in Cork. They help people from Cork to achieve sobriety through a 12-step programme.

Contact Us for Rehab Advice

The team at Smarmore Castle is always available to answer questions about our rehab treatment programmeadmissions, or funding. If you are from Cork and are thinking of entering rehab or if you are the family member, friend or employer of someone who is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction in Cork, please contact us  for advice.

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