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Citizen’s information for free drug addiction services

Where to Access Free Drug Addiction Help If you require free treatment for drug addiction, various options are available to you – however, it will depend on your needs and severity. In the public health service, non-residential treatment is free of charge. You can claim free addiction treatment services provided by HSE Drug and Alcohol Services or other community and voluntary projects funded by the Drug and Alcohol Task Force. Treatment for drug addiction is also available from private service providers, like Smarmore Castle. For information about our services and rehabilitation treatments, contact us here. Treatment options In Ireland, you…


Cocaine Self-Assessment Quiz

Addicted to Cocaine? Use Our Self-Assessment Tool to Find Out This self-assessment addiction tool will help you to evaluate whether you have an addictive relationship to cocaine and whether you may need to speak to a professional. Do you frequently take cocaine and find that once you start, you can’t stop? The quiz questions below can help you find out if you might be addicted to crack or cocaine. Quiz instructions: The below list of questions has been carefully put together to reflect the common experiences and feelings of those individuals we have treated who have been addicted to cocaine….


Free 2 Minute Gambling Addiction Self-Assessment

Are You a Problem Gambler? Gambling Addiction Self-Assessment The below self-assessment aims to indicate whether you or a loved one is addicted to gambling. The questions below relate to real-life experiences common to gamblers and those suffering from a gambling addiction. Read the questions carefully and see if any similar challenges within the past 12 months. Your privacy is vital to Smarmore Castle. All results are anonymous and not shared with anyone other than yourself. Still not sure? Some people can gamble for fun and stop when they wish. However, people suffering from gambling addiction often find it near impossible…

What are the best options for drug and alcohol treatment in Ireland?

What are The Best Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland?

There are Four Types of Addiction Treatment Services in Ireland They can be broken down into: Charitable treatment centres Church-run centres State-run facilities Private rehabs (self-funding/health insurance) If you require immediate help, support or advice on your options, get in touch with us here. Or speak to us on Live Chat. Charity-run rehab facilities: It’s important you take the time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of any facility before you decide where to begin your treatment. Pros: These institutions have lots of experienced staff working there across many departments; including special rehab wings in the larger psychiatric hospitals. Many are very…

Do you identify with the Seven Signs of love addiction?

Do You Have an Unhealthy Addiction to Love?

Do You Identify with the Seven Signs of Love Addiction? Co-dependency and a person addicted to love are closely related. Needing to be in love often Putting a romantic partner on a pedestal Obsessing over a romantic interest or experiencing cravings, withdrawals, euphoria with their partner Needing to fall in love often, and above all else Chasing unrequited love or an inability to be alone Do you spend a lot of time or effort on a particular person? Do you find yourself often neglecting to care for yourself or abandoning important aspects of your life to stay better connected to…

Is your partner’s porn addiction ruining your life?

Is Your Partner’s Porn Addiction Ruining Your Life?

Porn Addiction Nearly Ruined My Marriage – Don’t Let it Happen to Yours If you don’t believe that porn is a real addiction, then please read my story. My husband’s fix was online porn and acting out – over the years it destroyed me, him and our family. In the beginning, I fell into the notion that sex between married couples eventually becomes infrequent and let’s face it boring. I read lots of stuff online about how to keep it fresh etc. With complete naivety, and in an attempt to spice up our love life, I embraced online pornography and…

Understanding the pain of Alcohol Induced Panic Attacks

Understanding The Pain of Alcohol Induced Panic Attacks

Alcohol and Anxiety: Panic Attacks After or During Drinking Are you suffering from alcohol-induced panic attacks? Consuming alcohol can trigger panic attacks for many people, whilst others experience extreme nervousness after drinking. However, regular panic attacks induced by alcohol is a serious matter that can lead to addiction. If you start drinking and cannot always stop or predict the outcome, then you might need professional help. Why does alcohol cause panic? Many stimulants, including alcohol result in a relative rise in adrenaline and a delayed increase in noradrenaline concentration. Noradrenaline is a chemical produced naturally by your body to remove…

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Quiz: Could you have an alcohol abuse problem?

Alcohol Self-Assessment Test Are you concerned that you might be drinking too much alcohol? Have you asked yourself “am I an alcoholic?” This self-evaluation for an alcohol use disorder will screen you for symptoms of alcohol addiction. The below self-assessment questionnaire screens for dangerous or harmful alcohol consumption, which can help you identify whether you have a problem with alcohol or not. Take the test When you’ve answered the questions we’ll provide you with some advice about alcoholism and what you should do next. You can also explore some more options below. Alcohol unit guide: Small glass of red/white/rosé wine…

The painkiller drug crisis in Ireland

Tackling rural drug addiction: ‘People are buying boxes and boxes of codeine-based drugs’ As drug addiction experts in County Louth, we know all too well that the prescription drug crisis across Ireland is consistently getting worse. Smarmore Castle is a rehab facility an hour’s drive from Dublin, which has treated over 1,500 reclaim their lives and break free from the cycle of drug addiction. Join the thousands of people we’ve helped get better. Contact us. Leading addiction charity data is suggesting Ireland is being overrun with drugs Across Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary last year, the charity dealt with 131…

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Alcohol addiction services ‘woefully inadequate’

Ireland’s alcohol problem needs more free resources & funding As a rehab facility in Ireland, we know all too well about the lack of quality alcohol addiction resources and services available in the country. That’s one of the primary reasons that we opened Smarmore Castle in 2015 in County Louth. After seeing success from our facilities in Scotland and abroad, we saw the alcohol crisis in Ireland and knew that we could do something to help. If you feel alone and that there is nothing available to help you, look no further. Here at Smarmore Castle, we treat alcoholism with…