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4 Ways to Celebrate Your 18th Birthday in Ireland

4 Ways to Celebrate Your 18th Birthday in Ireland

The legal age in Ireland to drink is eighteen years of age. According to the National Alcohol Diary Survey, 63.9% of males and 51.4% of females have had alcohol before their eighteenth birthday. There are eighteen fun ways to celebrate your eighteenth birthday without having to drink alcohol.

One way to celebrate your birthday is by going on a road trip with some friends. A second way is to have a fun paintball adventure. A third way is to go to a different restaurant that does not have an open bar and where you can get free dessert for your birthday. A fourth way is to host a costume party at your house where everyone dresses up as what they wanted to be when they grew up.

A second way is go to a murder mystery dinner show, such as at Murder on the Menu, or host one at home. A sixth way is to host a poker tournament and play using fake money and root beer. A seventh way is to find volunteer opportunities with eighteen of your friends. An eighth way is to go to an amusement park or many amusement parks and go on eighteen rides before the end of the day. A ninth way is to spend a quiet evening at home with your friends and family looking through old videos and photos.

A third way is to go on a camping trip so you can celebrate under the stars in the great outdoors. An eleventh way is to enjoy an evening of culture by seeing a musical show or to go a movie. A twelfth way is to spend the day getting a royal spa treatment so that you can feel clean and relaxed on your special day. A thirteenth way is to explore the high seas and go white water rafting.

A fourth way is to take a fun class like art or cooking to create a work of art you can take home. A fifteenth way is to go shopping as there might be discounts for your birthday. A sixteenth way is to go ice skating around the rink. A seventeenth way is to see a local concert of your favorite band. An eighteenth way is to just stay home and relax on a day all to yourself as doing nothing can end up being the best during a chaotic week.


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