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I Suspect My Partner To Be a Sex Addict, What Do I Do?

I Suspect My Partner To Be a Sex Addict, What Do I Do?

Sex addiction can range from private behaviors at home to risky behaviors in public which can solicit criminal accusations. If you suspect your partner to be a sex addict, here are the three steps to take.


Ireland is facing a growing problem with sex addiction throughout the country. Smarmore Castle offers private residential treatment with specialised programmes for sex addiction. Utilizing the Castle Craig model, our programmes include regular Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous meetings, therapeutic work with attachment theory, and more. Through residential treatment, your partner will learn about sex addiction and their underlying issues which contribute to sexually compulsive behaviors. Changing their dysfunctional thinking, they will change the way they approach sexual activity, love, and relationships. Through family and relationship therapy you and your partner can repair any damage which has been caused by their sex addiction, drug and alcohol addictions, or other issues.


Real change is possible at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic. Our caring staff is awaiting your call to help you determine the best plan for treatment and getting you on track to heal. Call +353 41 986 5080 for more information.

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