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What to Expect in Early Recovery

What to Expect in Early Recovery

In early recovery, you will have to learn to not depend anymore on drugs and alcohol to achieve happiness. The key to a successful early recovery is for your priority to be on achieving sobriety and staying away from anything that can trigger a relapse.

Sobriety is going to feel new and fresh so you will need to get used to living without drugs and alcohol. The first few months will be when you start adapting to life without substances. You will eventually be able to settle into recovery but will continue to maintain sobriety. Two years later, you will enter advanced recovery where doing things to be sober will become natural and easier for you. Transitioning from rehab to home will be challenging since rehab felt like a place where you were protected and you could be at risk for triggers when you return home. It is the goal of rehab to be able to prepare you for this moment when it is time to leave and how to take what you learned in rehab back home.

Early recovery will feel like an emotional roller coaster as you can experience withdrawal symptoms which can interfere with your mood. Insomnia is also common which can make you emotional. When you come home, you will have to face the wreckage of past actions such as confronting the people you have wronged which can be stressful. Since you were used to numbing your feelings with abusive substances, you will now be able to feel emotions and they might all come at you at once. It is important to allow yourself to feel and not to be ashamed as emotions make you human.

There are dangers that can occur in early recovery such as spending time with old buddies that you would drink and get high with. If you are surrounded by them and they drink and do drugs in front of you, you might feel tempted to do the same. Spending time in bars or restaurants with bars and a drinking menu can be triggering as well. It is important to not make anymore changes to your life as sobriety is already a big change for you. Go to 12 step fellowships just in case any problems occur. Be grateful that you are at the point where you are aware of your wrongdoings and that you want a better life for yourself.


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