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Free 2 Minute Gambling Addiction Self-Assessment


Are You a Problem Gambler? Gambling Addiction Self-Assessment

The below self-assessment aims to indicate whether you or a loved one is addicted to gambling.

The questions below relate to real-life experiences common to gamblers and those suffering from a gambling addiction.

Read the questions carefully and see if any similar challenges within the past 12 months.

Do you miss certain events or commitments because of gambling?

Does your gambling make your home life unhappy?

Do you suffer from problems with anxiety or stress?

Have you ever gambled more to get the same feeling of excitement?

Does gambling ever make you feel guilty or remorseful?

Do you gamble with money that should go elsewhere - like paying bills, rent/mortgage, or loans back?

Do you gamble or bet daily?

If you lose when you gamble, do you feel an urge to keep going to win back your losses?

If you win, do you feel an urge to gamble more?

Do you bet until you have nothing left? Or very little left?

Do you gamble for more extended periods than initially planned?

Have others commented on your gambling before?

Do you celebrate good fortune with gambling?

When there's conflict, frustrations, arguments, or disappointments, do you turn to gambling?

Have you tried to cut back on your gambling spending and failed to do so?

Free 2 Minute Gambling Addiction Self-Assessment
Gambling problem likely

This questionnaire tries to gauge whether your gambling should be considered a problem.

Your score indicates you are in the problem gambler category. From your answers, it appears probable that you are exhibiting signs of gambling addiction. 

Addiction is a disease that we can treat successfully. There is help here whenever you need it. We are experts in compulsive gambling treatments, so if you want to make a change, speak to a real person and get an accurate diagnosis - then talk to us.

Call +353 41 214 5111 or chat with us live.

Gambling problem not likely

As you have answered mostly no, it appears that you are not showing severe signs of gambling addiction.

However, we would like you to bear in mind that this quiz is not definitive. Only when you are assessed by a medical professional will you begin to understand your potential behavioural addiction.

As you are here doing this questionnaire, it might indicate that you are possibly worried you may have a gambling problem. If this is the case, call us (+353 41 214 5111) and speak to a real person. Or chat with us live.

In just half an hour, we can make you feel more at ease and outline the best next steps for your situation.


Your privacy is vital to Smarmore Castle. All results are anonymous and not shared with anyone other than yourself.

Still not sure?

Some people can gamble for fun and stop when they wish.

However, people suffering from gambling addiction often find it near impossible to stop gambling, even if they have run out of money.

Many believe addiction to only relate to substances.

However, particular behaviours can be just as addictive as alcohol and drugs.

Addictions to behaviours like gambling often mean that those inflicted will continue to gamble despite any negative consequences, personally or financially.

Common signs of gambling addiction:

  • Placing significantly larger and riskier bets
  • Ruminating on previous wins
  • Gambling becomes a distraction from other problems
  • The tendency to hide their gambling behaviour
  • Social isolation
  • Feelings of guilt and remorse after gambling
  • Failure to stop or reduce this behaviour
  • Experiencing powerful urges

Gambling addiction help

Being a compulsive gambler can strip you from power or control over your urges or behaviour.

It can harm your mental wellbeing, your relationships and leave you with serious financial problems like debt.

If you think you have a problem with gambling and wish to stop, help, support, and treatment are available.

Here at Smarmore Castle, we treat gambling addictions as part of our 35-day addiction treatment programme.

However, the length and type of treatment you will receive will depend on your particular case and the severity of your addiction.]

Free addiction assessment

Smarmore delivers exceptional addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Let us help you get your life back on track – together, we can do it.

To book a free gambling addiction assessment with us, click here, or talk to us on Live Chat to organise one.

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