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overcoming depression

Stress Management in Addiction Recovery

Stress can cause addiction, exacerbate it and increase the chances of relapse. Because of the integral role stress plays in addiction, it’s critical that any treatment plan for addiction includes stress management tools. Whether you’re dealing with stress in your current life or are impacted by chronic stress in earlier life, alcohol and drug abuse can feel like an effective way to dull unpleasant feelings and boost your mood. Unfortunately, as stress management tools go, substance abuse doesn’t work well. It can result in addiction, in which the person looking for relief instead becomes reliant on alcohol or drugs in…

What are the best options for drug and alcohol treatment in Ireland?

What are The Best Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland?

There are Four Types of Addiction Treatment Services in Ireland They can be broken down into: Charitable treatment centres Church-run centres State-run facilities Private rehabs (self-funding/health insurance) If you require immediate help, support or advice on your options, get in touch with us here. Or speak to us on Live Chat. Charity-run rehab facilities: It’s important you take the time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of any facility before you decide where to begin your treatment. Pros: These institutions have lots of experienced staff working there across many departments; including special rehab wings in the larger psychiatric hospitals. Many are very…

Early recovery

What to Expect in Early Recovery

Early recovery is very new. So what can I expect in my first year of recovery after leaving rehab? One of the most important things I wish I’d known when leaving rehab. “I have gone through a life-changing five-week experience where I spent time examining my feelings, my drinking, my relationships etc. but the rest of my family & the world have not had this experience, nor do they work a programme.” Leaving rehab can be frightening  You’ll be asking yourself questions such as “what’s it going to be like?” and “where do I tell people I’ve been?” These anxieties…