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€10,000 a minute spent on online Gambling

€10,000 a minute spent on online Gambling

Online Gambling & Addiction “Gambling addiction ruins more than one life and people chase losses with more gambling” – Senator O’Reilly The addicted gambler will experience and suffer from extreme mood swings and will most likely be battling co-occurring mental health conditions and disorders like anxiety or depression. On top of this, gambling can often lead to dishonest behaviour, which can encourage gamblers to be otherwise secretive or evasive regarding their behaviour. Smarmore Castle has an extensive gambling addiction programme. A new study found that 10,000 Euro a minute was being spent on online Gambling in Ireland, leading Senator Joe…

LGBTQ & Addiction: Causes, Resources & Treatment

LGBTQ Addiction & Recovery Ireland Irish studies have shown that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community show higher substance abuse rates compared to the general population. More. Elevated feelings of guilt, shame and doubt are all products of the social stigma, discrimination and humiliating behaviour the LGBTQ community face and battle with daily. It’s these high levels of stress that can be particularly harmful to their mental health and push them towards alcohol and drug abuse. Raising Awareness on LGBTQ+ and Addiction 20-30% of the LGBTQ+ population are affected by substance abuse disorders compared to 8.4%…

Internet & social media addiction

Internet & social media addiction

What to do about it How to End Social Media Addiction and Protect Your Mental Health With the advent of the social media age, the concept of addiction to online social platforms has become increasingly concerning. Defined as a behavioural addiction, a social media addiction will involve being highly and overly concerned about social media and how you are driven to use it. However, there is a fine line. Most of us spend hours on social media every day, but it begins to become a problem when it affects our behaviour, the way we think and the way we act….

The potency of cannabis and how dangerous it can be for your mental health

The potency of cannabis

The potency of cannabis and how dangerous it can be for your mental health Our leading addiction experts, therapists and medical staff at Smarmore Castle are issuing a strong warning against the use of cannabis. This warning comes off the back of the latest figures in Ireland showing alarming rates of hospital admission for stronger, more potent strains of cannabis. The Irish Times agrees with our findings, Cannabis ‘gravest threat’ to the mental health of young people.  What you should know:  Anything over 10% THC is high potency There has been an increase of 300% in hospital admissions (four times…

Irish Addiction Services see a major increase in demand since Christmas 2020/1

Irish Addiction Services see a major increase

Irish Addiction Services see a major increase in demand since Christmas 2020/1 Smarmore Castle is an addiction treatment centre about 45 minutes north of Dublin.  This means we are on the frontline coping with addiction problems here in Ireland. With many of us stuck in our homes since early 2020, life has inevitably become harder.  A lot of callers to Smarmore experienced at least some difficulty accessing drugs during the pandemic and as a result, some reported buying larger quantities online or from a different dealer, in a sense stockpiling. Being at home and working with the family around suites…

Mindfulness is an important part of recovery

How to Practise Mindfulness at Home

Anyone who stays with us at Smarmore Castle practises mindfulness, helping you develop the skills you need to keep yourself strong and continue into a healthy recovery when you leave treatment with us. If you’ve been with us and are looking for a reminder of this, take a moment to remember being in the meeting room with your peers. Now that you’re at home, life can get overwhelming, especially when you are in early recovery. You may be thinking about a new career, tending to your family, trying to save some money, or doing them all at once! Things can…

One step which can sometimes feel like a giant leap

Step 1 of the 12-Steps

Smarmore Castle’s treatment is based on the 12 Steps of addiction recovery, which takes people who are suffering with addiction and helps you learn how to beat your addiction. This article provides an overview of Step 1, and it may be helpful for anyone who has already been through 12-Step treatment to return to this from time-to-time. Step 1: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.” To admit that you are powerless over alcohol or drugs is one of the most challenging yet crucial aspects to recovery. This step can be very difficult…

One person's reflection on their recovery from addiction

A reflection of recovery by a past patient at Smarmore Castle

A former patient at Smarmore Castle sent us this reflection, looking back at their recovery journey, and we hope this helps anyone who is daunted by the prospect of treatment for addiction. You can come through this. Reflection of recovery by a past patient “As I sit here – two and a half years clean and sober – and reflect on my journey up to this point, I am overwhelmed with how far I have come. Overwhelmed with pride, with gratitude, self-acceptance, worthiness, and happiness- Things I never believed I would say but today, thanks to recovery, I can. “In…

Losing a pet - or any loved one - in recovery can be hard

Losing a pet and a family member in recovery

Anyone who has lost loved ones or who loves animals may identify with this little segment, written by a former patient at Smarmore Castle. “I have always had a love of animals from a young age, however over the course of my addiction I was lucky to be able to look after my kids and myself – let alone a pet. “When I came into recovery my mother gave me a little dog – a pug called Bentley.  I could not change his name as he was given to my mother by a couple in the process of a divorce…

Alcohol St Patrick's Day

Alcohol and Recovery on St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is synonymous with alcohol and this can be difficult if you are in early recovery from alcoholism. Even with bars and pubs shut this St Patrick’s Day it is hard to avoid discounts on sales of alcohol in the shops, and news reports say that people will still be meeting in secret to celebrate the big day. Many people wouldn’t believe it if we said that you can spend a happy and sober St Patrick’s Day, without drinking alcohol. Leaving alcohol behind on a day which is based around Guiness and Bailey’s doesn’t sound like the most…