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alcoholism in ireland

Alcoholism in Ireland

Ireland’s Growing Alcoholism Problem It is true that Ireland does have a bad case of alcoholism. According to Alcohol Action Ireland, from 1960-2001, 4.9 litres to 14.3 litres of alcohol have been drunk per person for those aged fifteen and over. Ireland has suffered deadly consequences in economic loss and injury/death because of the growing alcohol problem. According to the World Health Organization, Ireland has the second-highest rate of binge drinking. More. What the statistics say The National Alcohol Diary Survey says that 150,000 are dependent drinkers, 1.35 million are harmful drinkers, and 30% have experienced harmful consequences through drinking….

10 Commonly Abused Drugs in Ireland

10 Commonly Abused Drugs in Ireland

Heroin: An opiate with strong sedative and painkilling effects. You can feel long-term drowsiness as well as fall into a coma and stop breathing. It can stay in your system for three to eight days. Cannabis: A hallucinogen made from the dry leaves and flowering parts of the female plant. While you can get a euphoric feeling in the short-term, long-term effects include being linked with depression and schizophrenia, affecting memory, coordination, motivation, and mood. Cannabis can stay in your system for 2-28 days. Cocaine: A strong, short acting stimulant that come in the form of white powder. Short-term effects…