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Dramatically Reduce the Side Effects of Cocaine

Understanding the Feelings of a Cocaine High Even the highest-quality cocaine carries the risk of overdose and poses numerous dangerous cardiac and neurological consequences. On top of that, cocaine is known to trigger mental illnesses or worsen the condition of someone struggling with depression, anxiety or bipolar. Regardless of why you choose to do cocaine or how often, the risk of dependency is extremely high. Harm reduction methods or reducing the side effects will only improve your chances; it will not make the withdrawal easier or make snorting cocaine safe. See our cocaine addiction treatment. You’ve landed here for a…


Addicted to Cocaine? Use Our Self-Assessment Tool to Find Out

Cocaine Self-Assessment Quiz This self-assessment addiction tool will help you to evaluate whether you have an addictive relationship to cocaine and whether you may need to speak to a professional. Do you frequently take cocaine and find that once you start, you can’t stop? The quiz questions below can help you find out if you might be addicted to crack or cocaine. More information on our addiction treatment Alcohol Drugs Gambling Quiz instructions: The below list of questions has been carefully put together to reflect the common experiences and feelings of those individuals we have treated who have been addicted…