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Secret Drinking – How to spot the Signs Of Hidden Alcoholism

How can you see the signs of secret drinking when people with an alcohol problem become so good at hiding it from those they spend time with? Many people enjoy a nice glass of wine occasionally, or a pint in a pub. But how can you tell when things get out of hand and alcohol consumption becomes an addictive habit? Alcohol addiction isn’t always easy to spot, and this can trick people into believing they don’t need help. This means it’s often left to those around them to notice the signs. You may be left wondering how you can see…

Alcohol and Chest Pain

Causes, Symptoms and How to Help Picture the scene: it’s the morning after a particularly heavy night before in Dublin’s pubs and clubs. You wake up, and alongside the murky memories and bloodshot eyes, you also feel an ache in your chest. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve experienced chest pain after a binge-drinking session with your friends, or during the festive season when drinking is aplenty. If so, this may be part of a wider problem worth looking at.  Described above is what some medical professionals have called ‘holiday heart syndrome’– when you experience an erratic heartbeat, feelings of…

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