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Citizen’s information for free drug addiction services

Where to Access Free Drug Addiction Help If you require free treatment for drug addiction, various options are available to you – however, it will depend on your needs and severity. In the public health service, non-residential treatment is free of charge. You can claim free addiction treatment services provided by HSE Drug and Alcohol Services or other community and voluntary projects funded by the Drug and Alcohol Task Force. Treatment for drug addiction is also available from private service providers, like Smarmore Castle. For information about our services and rehabilitation treatments, contact us here. More information on our addiction…

Is your partner’s porn addiction ruining your life?

Is Your Partner’s Porn Addiction Ruining Your Life?

Porn Addiction Nearly Ruined My Marriage – Don’t Let it Happen to Yours Please read my story if you don’t believe that porn is a real addiction. More information on our addiction treatment Alcohol Drugs Gambling My husband’s fix was online porn and acting out – over the years, it destroyed me, him and our family. In the beginning, I fell into the notion that sex between married couples eventually becomes infrequent and, let’s face it, boring. So I read lots of stuff online about how to keep it fresh etc. With complete naivety and in an attempt to spice…