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Mary Curtis

Mary was born in Dublin, Ireland and settled later in the US where she trained extensively in behavioural health.

She qualified as a Certified Meyers-Briggs practitioner, a Certified Addiction Professional, and studied DBT at the Marsha Linehan Behavioral Health Institute.

Mary has worked in leading roles within the field of addictions since 2008 as a substance abuse/eating disorder counsellor and coach. She has positively impacted many organisations in the Behavioural Health field. Before coming to Smarmore Castle she held the positions of Director of Training & Development and Manager of the Eating Disorder Track at Destination Hope Inc.

Mary has facilitated custom-built experiential learning programmes for the personal growth and development of individuals, teams and organisations with corporate clients.

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Smarmore Castle is located near Ardee, County Louth, about 45 minutes north of Dublin, Republic of Ireland and 1.5 hours south of Belfast, Northern Ireland.