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Cocaine Self-Assessment Quiz

Do you use crack or cocaine more than you originally intended?

Have you tried to cut back on using cocaine or to stop all together without much success?

Do you spend a lot of time recovering from the effects of coke or crack?

Do you think about cocaine a lot when you are not taking it?

Do you continue to use cocaine knowing it has caused or worsened mental health issues?

Do you take cocaine when you are experiencing personal problems in your life and relationships?

Does cocaine cause problems in your relationships? Has anyone ever commented on your usage?

Do you continue to use crack or coke even though it causes you problems?

Has cocaine hurt your work performance, or has it had any negative effects on your responsibilities?

Do you find yourself in risky or dangerous situations because of cocaine?

Do you find that you have to take more cocaine to achieve the same high?

Has cocaine made you less sociable, or taken you away from activities you used to enjoy?

Do you experience any withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, bad dreams, sleep changes, appetite changes, high anxiety or slow movement?

Do you use cocaine in large amounts regularly?

Do you ever experience strong, powerful urges or cravings for cocaine?

Cocaine Self-Assessment Quiz
Cocaine addiction likely

This questionnaire tries to gauge whether your cocaine use should be considered a problem. From your answers, you are likely exhibiting signs of a cocaine or crack addiction. 

Please know that addiction is a disease that we can treat successfully. As experienced experts in cocaine rehabilitation treatments, we can help you make a positive change. Speak to an admissions expert on +353 41 214 5111 to organise an accurate diagnosis and see what options are available to you. Or chat with us live.

Cocaine addiction not likely

As you have answered mostly no, it seems that you are not exhibiting the severe signs of cocaine addiction. But we know you are here for a reason, which means you might suspect that something is not quite right.

Sometimes it can be challenging to be honest with ourselves or understand our true conditions. Only when you are assessed by a medical professional will you begin to understand your potential drug addiction.

If you are worried that you might have a cocaine problem, call us (+353 41 214 5111) or chat with us live and speak to a real person. In just half an hour, we can make you feel more at ease and outline the best next steps for your situation.