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Why Smarmore Castle?

Why do more patients choose Smarmore to recover?

Smarmore is ISO 9001 accredited and CHKS accredited.

In our recent CHKS inspection they said the following:

“amazing setting” | “impressive, spacious and clean” | “exceptionally high standards of care and the excellent facilities”  | “excellent”

“The truly team approach at Smarmore Castle to provide a comprehensive detoxification and therapy programme with excellent support and good outcomes for patients with therapies and other supports unseen in other centres in the Republic of Ireland.”  CHKS 

Our Team

The unrivalled alcohol and drug rehab experience that Smarmore Castle offers is attributable to our most valuable resource.

The dedication and compassion of our staff, our enthusiastic team of doctors, nurses and therapists at Smarmore Castle make our environment a genuinely welcoming, energising, and refreshing place for recovery. See team.

Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, and Gym

Equipped with a large swimming pool, spacious gym, steam room and sauna, we give our patients the means to get their bodies back into shape, free from cravings; their minds focused and free from the compulsion to drink and use drugs; their spirits renewed, and their lives back on track.

Discreet Location

Based on 15 acres of private land set amid the rolling hills of County Louth, Smarmore Castle is only a 30-minute drive from Dublin and is a beautiful and discreet haven in which to start the journey of recovery.

We have complete privacy in 15 acres of beautiful and inspiring countryside.

Smarmore Castle has extensive private gardens and woodland, guaranteeing peace, inspiration and tranquillity.

Our private grounds enable us to offer outdoor fitness activities and also equine therapy.

Amongst the beautiful hills of Co. Louth, patients can benefit from freedom and detachment from the outside world, yet we are easily accessible and located just 45 minutes from Dublin and Belfast International Airports.

Transfer to and from these airports is included in the price of treatment. Talk to us about sober transport.

1. Our treatment is based on a highly successful model – 33 years, thousands of patients helped and consistently high success rates.

Peter and Dr Margaret Ann McCann founded Smarmore Castle after the success of their first treatment centre, Clouds House, which they founded 33 years ago.

However, their most successful treatment centre, Castle Craig, was founded 28 years ago and offers the same high standards of care provided at Smarmore.  

This model of treatment, adapted from the Minnesota Model, helps the majority of people to achieve recovery from their addiction and enjoy a renewed life based on abstinence from alcohol and mood-altering substances.

Castle Craig’s most recent independent research showed that 73% of patients achieved long-term abstinence, and 92% showed overall improvements.

2. We offer more.

Patients at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic will be under the care of a highly experienced medical team of doctors and a therapy team led by a clinical psychologist.

As a result, we can offer a wide range of treatments and therapies that few other treatment centres can offer.  

Smarmore Castle also offers an impressive leisure centre, with a 22-metre swimming pool, a spacious sprung-floor gym, steam room and sauna.

3. We cost less.

Inpatient addiction treatment and residential rehab costs are unavoidably expensive, but our prices are kept low and affordable.

Medically managed addiction treatment can cost up to €800 per day in other treatment centres, but treatment is capped here at Smarmore Castle, and the treatment cost is all-inclusive. 

4. We are medically managed – Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist and nursing team.

We employ an entire medical body of staff at Smarmore Clinic, who supply 24/7 medical cover. In addition, the mental health nurses are always on-site to ensure patient safety and comfort.  

5. Quick assessment and admission.

We offer rapid assessment and admissions wherever possible – we are ready to help you as soon as you are ready for help.

So if you want treatment at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, there won’t be any waiting list to join or any delays in getting you into therapy.

Our admissions department is also available to respond to your enquiry in the evenings and at weekends.

6. Each patient matters before, during, and after treatment.

After treatment at Smarmore Clinic has finished, patients are invited to return as guests every year for an annual Reunion and attend aftercare meetings in various locations.

Leaving treatment can be challenging, but our patients are always one phone call away from a staff member who remembers them, knows about them, and cares about them.

Contact Us

The staff at Smarmore Clinic are here to answer your questions about treatment and the admissions process at any time.

Please contact: or +353 41 214 5111.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 26 April, 2022