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Experience Smarmore Castle

Dedicated to Quality Addiction Treatment

Our Team

The unrivalled alcohol and drug rehab experience that Smarmore Castle offers is attributable to our most valuable resource – the dedication and compassion of our staff. Our enthusiastic team of doctors, nurses and therapists, as well as the other staff at Smarmore Castle, makes our environment a truly welcoming, energising and restorative place.

Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, and Gym

Equipped with a large swimming pool, spacious gym, steam room and sauna, we give our patients the means to get their bodies back into shape, free from cravings; their minds focussed and free from the compulsion to drink and use drugs; their spirits renewed; and their lives back on track.

Discreet Location

Based in 15 acres of private land set amid the rolling hills of County Louth, Smarmore Castle is only a 30 minute drive from Dublin, and is a beautiful and discreet haven in which to start the journey of recovery.

Find Us

Smarmore Castle is located near Ardee, County Louth, about 45 minutes north of Dublin, Republic of Ireland and 1.5 hours south of Belfast, Northern Ireland.