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Visitor Information

Due to travel restrictions and infection measure controls around this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are currently not allowing visitors onsite. For the latest guidance please contact our admissions team. January 2022.


Sunday programme for family and visitors

We warmly welcome family to Smarmore Castle Private Clinic. 

Experience has shown us that including family in the treatment process is essential for the full recovery of the patient. Research also confirms that recovery rates are increased by family involvement. We, therefore, have made family involvement an integral part of our programme.

Sunday visiting gives the treatment staff the opportunity to meet with families, to arrange family counselling and support, and provide family members with more information about the illness of addiction and its effects on the whole family. This is not only an opportunity for a social visit but it is also a time to rebuild loving and caring relationships that have been badly strained through the illness. 

This information is designed to help you prepare for visiting our hospital and participating in the family programme. There will be duty therapists and nurses available if you need any advice or information. Visiting is by arrangement with the patient’s therapist and a weekly list is circulated which allows each patient and his or her therapist theopportunity to discuss any visits.

Visitors will need to check in at reception where they will be greeted by a nurse. Family visits may be arranged by patients through the therapist. It is generally preferable that family do not visit during the first week to ten days of detoxification.

Visitors are requested to remain in the designated areas which include the reception areas, sitting rooms and gardens.

We would request that visiting is limited to very close family and those significantly involved in the patient’s life.

We expect that all visitors entering the clinic avoid drinking alcohol and do not bring with them any food, alcohol, prescribed or non-prescribed drugs. We are sure that you will appreciate that all parcels will have to be checked by one of our nurses.

During the Sunday Programme, families will be introduced to the self-help groups that are available in the community. We are indebted to members of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Narcotics Anonymous who run meetings here at the Clinic on a Sunday. It will be essential for our patients when they leave treatment to regularly attend the Twelve Step Fellowship meetings.

You can help to support your loved one by familiarising yourself with these meetings and by attending the twelve-step fellowship meeting for families – Al-Anon. We sincerely hope that you will make every effort to attend these self-help groups. Of course, it may not be possible to attend when you are caring for young children.

Visiting Times

Visiting is on a Sunday from 13.30 to 18.00 as follows: 

  • 13.30—14.00    Family Visiting
  • 14.00—14.20    Informative talk by the duty therapist
  • 14.20—15.00    Family Visiting
  • 15.00—16.30    Meetings of AA, NA and Al-Anon (Al-Anon every 2nd and last Sunday in month)
  • 16.30—18.00    Family Visiting

Travelling to the Hospital

By Rail and Bus:

From Dublin

  • Train from Central Station in Glasgow to Lanark
  • Bus from Lanark to Biggar (bus stop just outside the railway station)
  • Then taxi to Castle Craig Hospital (taxi 01899 220643)

From Belfast

  • From Edinburgh a bus to Peebles
  • Then Taxi to Castle Craig Hospital (taxi 01721 721098)

Travelling by Car:

From Dublin

  • Leave Glasgow on the M8/A8 to Edinburgh
  • Leave the A8 at junction 6 (A73) turning right towards Lanark/Carluke
  • From Carluke follow the Peebles signs on the A721/A70/A721
  • Proceed to the junction with the A702 then turn left towards Edinburgh
  • After approximately a mile take the A72 road to Peebles
  • The entrance to Castle Craig Hospital is approximately 1 mile on the right

From Belfast

  • From the city by pass come off at Straiton Junction (A703)
  • From the A703 join the A721 follow until you pass through Blyth Bridge
  • Just after Blyth Bridge take the A72 to Peebles and the hospital is approximately 1 mile on the right.

Last updated & clinically assessed 27 January, 2022