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Patient Reviews

At Smarmore Castle we welcome our patients’ feedback about our services, the treatment they received, the attitude of our staff, as we aim to constantly improve the care we give to each patient to excellent standards.

We keep in touch with our former patients and are glad to receive notes and letters to the therapists that helped them during their time at Smarmore. We cherish their words and experiences as they point out Smarmore Castle’s greatest achievement: helping our patients build their pathway to recovery from addiction.

Below we have published a small selection of the messages and feedback notes we have received from our patients since Smarmore Castle Private Clinic’s opening in December 2015. Our patients’ confidentiality is one of our most treasured values. To this end, their names remain anonymous.

The genuine interest and friendliness shown by all staff was a very important part of the experience.

Care and kindness is exemplary and beyond reproach.

Staff excellent, caring and compassionate, first class.

Staff very kind and approachable and helped a lot.

Staff support is excellent.

Nursing staff very professional.

Medical and nursing care first class.

I will highly recommend Smarmore.

Fantastic food, brilliant variety and well balanced.

– Patient Satisfaction Survey Report, July 2016 – January 2017

Outstanding, couldn’t ask for better.

Extraordinary would highly recommend.

The staff are amazing.

The food was incredible, staff absolute gems.

– Patient Satisfaction Survey Report, November 2015 – May 2016

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