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Help and Advice

At some point in their lives, many people will have a family member, partner, or friend, who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

The information and issues surrounding addictions and rehab treatment can seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to know how to manage a situation like this, and many people have already tried and failed to improve the situation by the time they start looking for professional advice.

Addiction can be to alcohol or to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis or opioids and people can also be addicted to behaviours such as gambling, gaming or sexual compulsivity. Neuroscience has shown that all types of addictions affect the reward circuit in a person’s brain, taking control of their day-to-day life. Although addiction is a chronic mental illness that needs intensive psychotherapy, it is possible to recover from it as we see here daily at Smarmore Castle.

Here we aim to help give you the information you need to arm yourself with the facts about addiction and make an informed decision about what kind of rehab treatment is best for you or your loved one.

This section explains the effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain, signs of addiction, explanations about different drugs, how to cope with addiction in the family, addiction in the workplace, information on women and addiction, the elderly and addiction, ex-pats and addiction, support for military veterans and guidance on making the right rehab treatment choice.


Last updated & clinically assessed 16 February, 2022