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Addiction Treatment in Ireland for Multinational Corporations & US Companies with Offices in Ireland & Europe

American Multinational Companies in Ireland

Ireland is an attractive location for US companies to locate to and open global headquarters and multinational offices in, due to its low tax rate and position as an English speaking gateway to the EU. An estimated 700 US companies currently have operations in Ireland, including Pfizer, Facebook and Google. Together, these companies employ over 130,000 people from Ireland.

Employee Alcohol and Drug Problems in Ireland

Alcohol abuse is prevalent in Ireland, with 54% of Irish drinkers aged 18-75 classified as ‘harmful’ consumers. An employee suffering from problems with alcohol or drugs often inflicts damage to their lives and health in a number of ways and this can also create many problems for their employer.

Alcohol and drug problems can have a detrimental effect on the productivity of the employee, leading to high levels of absenteeism and presenteeism and poor standards in work. In 2013 in Ireland, the estimated cost of absenteeism due to alcohol abuse was €41,290,805.

If this problem is not addressed proactively at an early stage, it is often the case that an employee with alcohol and drug problems will eventually contravene the company’s code of conduct or fail to fulfil their job description and will be fired. Roughly 5,315 people on the Live Register in Ireland in November 2013 lost their jobs because of alcohol abuse.

Why Support your Employee?

As an employer, you have a responsibility towards the wellbeing of your employees, but not only this – it is also in your best economical interest to implement a substance abuse policy with a sound support network. The cost of firing an employee with alcohol problems; and recruiting, hiring and training a replacement are far greater than seeking help for your affected employee.

Expat Addiction Problems

Expats are at risk of developing addiction problems for a number of reasons. In Ireland, they could find themselves immersed in a heavy drinking culture which they have little experience of. This could lead to the employee being unsure of how to regulate their alcohol intake. Isolation and feelings of homesickness could also motivate an employee to indulge more frequently in alcohol, and eventually develop addiction problems.

“One of the most significant predictors of alcoholism is occupation. Since expats, who could be company directors, engineers, diplomats, and others who live or travel abroad, are dislocated from their homes, family and other support networks, this places them at risk,” says Dr Margaret McCann, Chief Executive of Castle Craig.

Why You Should Choose Smarmore Castle Private Clinic

Clinical Excellence and Treatment Effectiveness:

We are one of the leading addiction treatment providers in Europe. Our Consultant Psychiatrist-led programme of detox, intensive psychotherapy, CBT and complementary therapies, combined with exercise and healthy eating produces life-changing results. There is full 24/7 nursing attendance. Smarmore Castle is part of the Castle Craig group, which has been effectively treating addicted people for over 30 years. Independent studies of our patient outcomes indicate a relapse rate of lower than 10%.

Experience with US Citizens:

The Castle Craig Group which includes Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in Ireland, has more experience admitting US citizens than any other centre in Europe through its memorandum of understanding with the US Department of Defense Tricare Programme. Our threshold for admission is higher than US facilities, but our treatment exceeds the demanding US Government standards of care.

Excellent US-Standard Facilities:

Our facilities and quality of care match those of well-established US rehab clinics such as Hazelden Betty Ford, Sierra Tucson, Cottonwood and the Meadows, and apart from Smarmore Castle are not available anywhere else in Ireland. Our 22 metre swimming pool, the sauna, steam room and gym, all promote physical well-being which creates endorphins and helps our patients reach optimal physical and mental health.

Private and Discreet Location:

Smarmore Castle, our private rehab clinic in Ireland, is located in a discrete and beautiful countryside location just one hour from Dublin. In this secluded environment, patients are able to focus their full attention on recovery without fear of compromising their anonymity.

Thorough Discharge Planning and Continuing Care:

Our Continuing Care Programme continues to support patients after they have completed treatment at Smarmore Castle. This is one reason for the very low relapse rates among former patients.

Experience in Working with Corporations and Employers:

Sitting on our Advisory Board is Dr Michael McCann, MD, MA, DIH, MFOM, Senior Occupational Physician and a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine has worked in Occupational Health for the past 30 years. He is co-author of “Alcohol, Drugs and Employment”, a reference book for health professionals as well as management and human resources to assist them in dealing with the often challenging cases of substance abuse which they may be faced with.

Other ways we support companies

At Smarmore Castle, we offer:

  • Addiction Awareness Training for managers and human resources staff. This training consists of awareness seminars and training to educate personnel on this vital aspect of organisational welfare.
  • We also consult with companies and help them develop an effective Drugs and Alcohol Policy.
  • We can provide an outpatient assessment of the employee.

Our Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist Prof. Jonathan Chick is available to companies to offer information and professional advice.

Call Us for Help with your Employee

Our admission team is available 24/7 to answer your questions about employees and addiction, and our residential rehab programme.

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