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Support for Coping with Addiction

If you think that you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, or know someone who is, these pages will help you to cope with the situation.

At some point in their lives, many people will have a family member, partner, friend, colleague or acquaintance who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. In these situations it is very difficult to know the correct way to act. Most people will worry about the health and safety of their friend or family member, while simultaneously fearing that by confronting them about their problem, they will push them away.

For these reasons, it can be a very stressful time for the addicted person’s close friends and family. Despite this, there are proactive ways to respond to addiction that supports the sufferer, and guides them towards getting the help that they need. Here, we provide advice on how best to support an addicted person, and how best to act if you think that you yourself are addicted.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 3 March, 2020