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Alcohol and Drug Rehab


Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Residential Treatment for Addiction at Smarmore

Smarmore Castle is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic that treats alcoholism, drug and gambling addiction.

Our aim is to help patients achieve abstinence through an intensive, personalised programme that follows the 12 Steps, provides detox and medical treatment, psychotherapy and complementary therapies

At Smarmore residential rehab clinic, we offer the clinical excellence and specialist treatment experience for which our founding clinic in Scotland is renowned. Our addiction treatment programme has been carefully constructed with over 30 years’ practical and professional experience. We treat addiction as a disease of the brain and evidence shows that abstinence is essential for a long-lasting recovery. 

This section of the site takes you through the various stages of a typical programme, from admission to discharge.

Successful Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

The treatment programme at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is based on the highly successful addiction treatment model, pioneered by Castle Craig Hospital since 1988. Castle Craig has treated over 9,000 patients. 

Independent research of former patients treated at Castle Craig shows that up to 73% achieve long-term abstinence following treatment, and up to 92% see an overall improvement.  The programme developed by Castle Craig is one of the UK’s most established and respected and boasts very high client satisfaction rates, which we strive to match at Smarmore Castle.

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Last updated and clinically assessed 2 November, 2021