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Personal Therapy

Individually delivered psychotherapy is an extremely important part of the recovery treatment programme here at Smarmore Castle. Every person that comes to us has unique circumstances and a tailored programme allows us to investigate the factor’s behind someone’s addiction on a case-by-case basis, leading to effective and sustained recovery.Individual therapy gives patients the chance to speak in complete privacy and confidentiality with a specialist therapist.

How One-on-One Therapy Works in Rehab

Patients have a safe space to speak in complete privacy and confidentiality with a specialist therapist; some therapists have personal experience of recovery and all our therapists are accredited and very experienced.  Our therapists naturally use a discreet and sensitive approach, encouraging patients to talk about matters they may find difficult to share. 

What Personal Therapy Sessions Address 

Sessions aim to tackle the following areas:

  • Confront deep-rooted personal issues, which can include trauma,
  • Motivate patients to achieve and maintain their recovery through abstinence,
  • Change attitudes and behaviours that may cause them to relapse,
  • Maximise insight and build education into addiction,
  • Address the impact addiction has had on the patient’s life and deal with any guilt and forward thinking.

Sessions are planned by the multidisciplinary team and are recorded in each patient’s personal treatment plan. Full sessions take place at least twice per week, and patients may meet their focal therapist on any given day. 

Last updated & clinically assessed 16 April, 2020