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Women-Only Addiction Therapy

What is Women-Only Therapy?

At Smarmore Castle, women-only therapy, known as women’s group, is specifically tailored to help women with addiction issues. It is a safe space for women to open up about experiences that they may not feel comfortable discussing in a mixed gender group. In this setting, their emotions will be validated, and they will receive support from other women, who may have share their  experiences. It is one of a range of specialised therapy groups that we offer, alongside grief therapytrauma therapy and family therapy.

Advantages of Women’s Group Therapy in Rehab

There are many advantages of women’s group therapy:

  • It provides a safe space, where women will not be judged for anything they share, including their feelings and past experiences.
  • Patients discover a strong sense of community, and an atmosphere of compassion and acceptance.
  • They provide mutual support for each other and can maintain friendships after leaving treatment. This provides a support network when they have returned to their daily lives.
  • Women’s group is an ideal setting to explore psychological issues that commonly afflict women, such as eating disorders, trauma or abuse.
  • It is a good place to discuss women’s issues such as stigma, female stereotypes in society, sexuality, motherhood, marriage problems, abuse at the hands of a partner, and issues of codependency.
  • A major cause of relapse among women is interpersonal issues, so it is vital that patients examine their personal relationships during therapy to discover factors that may have contributed to their addiction.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 16 April, 2020