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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Drugs Detox

Coming Soon – Smarmore Castle’s hyperbaric chamber is now on-site, although this service is not yet operational.

What is it?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) uses oxygen at an increased pressure in an enclosed chamber. At Smarmore treatment takes place in a single-person pressurised chamber, where patients breathe pure oxygen through a mask.

What does it do?

HBOT increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream, stimulating the repair of damaged organs and tissues, including the liver and brain cells.

How can HBOT Help Patients with Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Smarmore clinic is the first alcohol and drug addiction clinic in Ireland to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to its patients. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has many health benefits:

  • It accelerates the detoxification process as it helps clear toxins that are stored in the brain as a result of alcohol and drug abuse and is especially beneficial for liver damaged patients;
  • Years of alcohol and drug abuse can result in brain damage and cognitive impairment. Research points to the renewal of brain tissue under HBOT, otherwise known as neurogenesis;
  • It helps repair affected cells by increasing tissue regeneration, generating new blood vessels, decreasing swelling and inflammation and supplying damaged organs with a highly oxygenated blood-flow;
  • Increases stem cell production by 800%. Stem cells regenerate tissues damaged by alcohol and drug abuse in organs like the pancreas, liver and brain;
  • Increases serotonin, the feel-good hormone, in the brain;
  • The brain-altering effects of drugs and alcohol consumption cause disruptive sleep patterns. Breathing pure oxygen enhances quality of sleep, leading to superior decision-making and emotional control;
  • It has been proven to stimulate the appetite. Healthy, regular eating is an essential part of our addiction treatment programme as many addicts suffer from eating disorders.

HBOT sessions are supervised by qualified technicians at Smarmore clinic and we ensure that patients are comfortable during treatment.

More information

Oxygen controls over 300 genes and increases the production of stem cells. To find out more about this type of therapy, visit The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Trust website or download the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Trust Factsheet.

Last updated & clinically assessed 4 February, 2021