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Smarmore’s intervention service

“Staging an intervention is a demonstration of love.”

An intervention is a proactive step towards healing a loved one and their family. Addiction is a family illness. It touches and affects everyone that comes into contact with it. Non-medical interventions are sadly very common when friends or family confront a person’s drinking or drug abuse and ask them to stop. Often it can descend into chaos with no one being heard or understood.

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Interventions are a completely individual process and should be planned as such. Our services are bespoke and tailored to your family’s needs.

Our intervention process

Interventions are arranged through our sister clinic, CATCH Recovery London. You can contact our team at Smarmore who will help you start the process and connect you with the right people. Alternatively, you can contact CATCH directly and they will advise you on the next steps.

Initial Stage of Intervention

  1. A member of our team will take your inquiry
  2. You will undergo a brief assessment of the nature of your intervention needs. They will ask for the following information:
  • a) Background on the addiction
  • b) The nature of the intervention services needed, for example, in-person or telehealth
  • c) The person’s mental health history and any medication they are taking

Duties During Intervention

  1. Our team can assist with any administration and coordination between interventionists and participants of the intervention.

After Intervention 

  1. If a person agrees to enter treatment
  • a) We will connect you with the admissions team at Smarmore Castle for an assessment and clinical decision
  • b) We can assist with gathering any additional information requested by the clinical team.
  • c) If admission is approved, we will coordinate with the team on the admission date
  • d) We can transport them to Smarmore Castle, Ireland without delay if Smarmore accepts immediate admission
  • e) We can arrange travel with a Sober Companion directly to Smarmore Castle, Ireland via car or aeroplane if you live abroad; we can also have CATCH arrange for a Sober Companion to stay with them at their house until Smarmore Castle is ready to admit them
  1. If the person does not agree to an addiction treatment program
  • a) We will follow up with the group or primary contact of intervention once every two weeks to see how things are progressing or if the person has changed their mind
  1. If the patient wishes to go elsewhere
  • a) We have a list of options available in agreement with the interventionist

Smarmore has helped over 1000 people recover from addiction

Getting the person help

Using Smarmore Castle’s qualified interventionists can help your loved one get the addiction treatment they need and improve their chances of achieving long-term recovery.

Finding a solution to the endless cycle of watching someone you love suffering from substance abuse or mental health disorders is what an intervention is all about.

There are many different methods, whether you prefer to try the ARISE intervention method or the Johnson Model.  Our qualified interventionists will explain everything you need to help you make a decision and support you every step of the way.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 10 January, 2022