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The 12 Step Model at Smarmore

Addiction is a disease and complete abstinence is necessary for long-lasting recovery

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic has adapted the Castle Craig model of treatment for use on a smaller scale, and in a different setting.  

This model – in turn – has been adapted from the Minnesota model of Hazelden and other leading American treatment centres. Addiction is a disease, the best treatment is abstinence-based

The 12 Steps are a self-help model and make patients look deeply at their addiction and honestly examine how it has affected all aspects of their lives.

In this way, the 12 Steps address issues of mind, body, emotion and spirit – all of which are integral to the recovery and wellness of the whole person.

The 12 Step Recovery Programme

We introduce our patients to the 12 Steps from the beginning of treatment through group therapy and reading materials. Patients complete the first 5 steps of the 12 Step programme within the residential setting alongside their peers and named therapist, according to our core treatment programme. 


The 12 Steps are the cornerstone of our treatment programme. On top of this, we provide medical treatment, psychiatric care and specialised therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), individual therapy, group therapy, trauma therapy, grief therapy, family counselling, and a number of complementary therapies.

12 Steps Meetings For The Whole Family

Family members of patients are invited to attend Al-Anon and Families Anonymous self-help meetings in their home community, and will occasionally be on offer at Smarmore Castle.

These support groups provide a chance for families to meet and share their experiences and problems.

Alateen meetings, aimed at teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics, are also recommended as this is a particularly vulnerable and confusing age with which to live with a person suffering from alcoholism, drug or gambling addiction. 

Last updated & clinically assessed 3 May, 2022