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Addiction Treatment Programme

Our Addiction Treatment Programme at Smarmore

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is a private residential rehab clinic near Dublin. We treat alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling addiction as well as other behavioural addictions and dual diagnosis.

Our programme includes medical assessment, medically managed detox and permanent supervision, along a carefully planned schedule of individual and group psychotherapy and complementary therapies.

The programme is developed and constantly supervised by our multidisciplinary team. This is made up of consultant psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, addiction therapists, fitness instructors and other medical professionals.

Our treatment model is based on that of the world-renowned Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, and we are proud to bring 30+ years of experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction to Ireland.

Integrated Detox and Addiction Therapy

A typical stay at Smarmore Clinic lasts from four to six weeks, or sometimes longer depending on each patient’s individual medical and substance misuse history, the severity of their drug and alcohol addiction and treatment needs.

All medical appointments and therapy sessions are conducted onsite, where patients are accommodated in private or shared rooms. Regular, nutritious meals and healthy snacks are provided everyday.

The treatment programme starts with medical care and drug or alcohol detoxification. Patients attend other activities as soon as their medical condition permits it. This includes:

And other complementary therapies, such as:

Our patients are welcomed to become part of the Smarmore Castle therapeutic community and learn about the 12-Step principles, which will guide their ongoing recovery.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 30 March, 2022