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Exercise and Fitness

Smarmore Leisure Centre

22 Metre Swimming Pool

Our large swimming pool is perfect for swimming and aqua-aerobics. Our aquatic fitness training instructor provides a range of activities such as aqua aerobics and aqua yoga. The feeling of weightlessness when exercising in water has been found to have a calming and de-stressing effect.Exercise gives the body the physical strength to overcome addiction.

Sauna and Steam Rooms

Our patients can relax after swimming sessions in our sauna and steam rooms. 


Our gym has a variety of fitness machines. 

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates sessions are also provided by our fitness staff.

Outdoor Activities

Our 16 acres of gardens and parkland are ideal for outdoor activities such as walking and jogging.

Exercise & Fitness in Rehab

Exercise is an integral part of rehab and we make sure that all patients have a minimum of three fitness sessions per week.

Patients usually enter treatment in a poor physical state due to years of drug and alcohol abuse. Exercise gives the body the physical and mental strength to overcome addiction and suppresses drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms, helping patients focus on their recovery. 

Relapse Prevention

Exercise releases feel-good endorphins which reduce depression and anxiety and increase positivity and self-esteem. It is an important relapse prevention tool.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 16 April, 2020