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Lectures and Workshops

Most people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction don’t know why this has happened to them. We want to educate our patients and inform them that they are suffering from a disease, not a moral disorder.We want to educate our patients.

We deliver lectures helping patients at Smarmore Castle to gain awareness of the behaviour and attitude patterns resulting from addiction which provides relief and direction throughout the rehab treatment process.

Our Addiction Lecture Programme

Members of our clinical team deliver around 10 lectures a week, this can also include carefully chosen educational DVDs. These daily lectures cover around 60 different topics including:

  • The disease of addiction,
  • The Twelve Steps
  • The medical complications of addiction,
  • Assertiveness training,
  • Relapse prevention.

Health Talks

Our doctors and nurses educate patients on the risks posed by blood borne viruses and information is provided on nutrition and general health.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 16 February, 2022