Starting Treatment


Arriving at Smarmore Rehab Clinic

Our administrative and nursing staff greet patients and their family on arrival at our residential rehab clinic.

The nurse informs new patients of the daily routine, visiting arrangements, guidelines and procedures and answers any questions they have about our rehab programme. All patients undergo a thorough and comprehensive medical assessment.

Assessment on Arrival

A thorough and comprehensive medical assessment is undertaken shortly after arrival, which begins before admission and continues during the subsequent days following admission.

Family Counselling Sessions

We have trained family therapists available and encourage the families of addicts to be involved from the very beginning of treatment.

Free addiction assessments

Orientation and Mentoring

At Smarmore Castle new patients receive a warm and caring welcome, both from staff and also from fellow patients.All bedrooms are en-suite.

A welcome pack is given to all new patients and contains:

  • An overview of the treatment timetable,
  • Guidelines and procedures,
  • Details of visiting times,
  • Some written assessments.

Following the medical assessment, patients meet with a senior therapist who explains the treatment approach and answers any questions the patient has.

New patients are assigned a ‘mentor’ from among their peers who will show them around and introduce them to the rest of the community.


Our range of bedrooms are designed to facilitate recovery and all afford comfort, privacy and assist recovery.

We believe that sharing a bedroom facilitates mutual support between patients and offers the chance to engage and share with each other. This limits the isolation which so often accompanies drink and drug use.

We have found that for those patients who experience anxiety, depression and low self-esteem sharing a bedroom not only heightens camaraderie but also strengthens relationships within treatment which in turn leads to a greater willingness to share and participate. Shared bedrooms are particularly important as a safeguard for patients going through detox.

Our bedrooms accommodate 2, 3 or 4 people. All rooms are single-sex and en-suite to assure privacy and dignity. The rooms are large and offer personal space, storage space and stunning views across the countryside.

Last updated & clinically assessed 3 May, 2022