Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is a disease that can lead to changes in the structure of the part of the brain which controls basic functions, coordination and movement of the body.

Overview of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual disease. It can damage organs such as the liver and kidneys, but it can also cause changes in that part of the brain that controls basic functions, coordination and movement of the body and memory.

Drug addiction also affects a person’s spiritual wellbeing, often leaving them isolated, unhappy and morally bankrupt.

Some drugs such as heroin and cocaine, have been in use for a long time, but more recently, we have seen an increase in designer drugs such as mephedrone and cannabinoids, which are often extremely strong and highly addictive.

Prescription drug addiction: Pregabalin | Tramadol | Painkillers | Codeine | Benzodiazepines

Diagnosing a Drug Addiction

If a doctor has not already diagnosed you, our assessment process will quickly establish the facts. However, an official diagnosis may be needed as part of the funding process.

It is essential to treat the problem as soon as possible for the best chances of making a complete recovery. Attempting to detox on your own can be dangerous and should not be undertaken without first consulting a doctor.

Irish Treatment Options for Drug Addiction

Treatment in the Republic of Ireland is offered on either inpatient or outpatient basis. Inpatient treatment tends to be provided by charitable organisations and the private sector. Daycare is usually arranged via a person’s Doctor or Social Worker. Smarmore is an inpatient treatment centre where patients come and stay for 28 days.

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Benefits of Residential Rehab for Drug Addiction

Inpatient treatment provides a safe place away from temptations and stresses. In an atmosphere of support and healing, people can focus on self-discovery and personal growth through change. They also benefit from a structured programme and round the clock professional help. Therefore, it is not surprising that treatment outcomes are consistently better than for daycare programmes.

How we Treat Drug Addiction at Smarmore Castle

At Smarmore Castle, our treatment model is founded on more than 30 years of experience in the field of addiction, and our high success rates reflect this. We help patients achieve abstinence through a programme that includes medical and nursing treatment, including detox, personal and group therapy, complementary therapies and consultant psychiatrist care.

Throughout our residential programme, patients are supported by a specialist network of therapists, consultant psychiatrists, nurses, and doctors.

Studies of patient outcomes show that our approach effectively helps people achieve life-long abstinence from drugs.

Drugs Detox Plan at Smarmore

At Smarmore Castle, most patients begin their stay by completing our drug detoxification programme to remove all traces of drugs from their bodies. During/ this stage, an experienced team of doctors and nurses support the patient at all times to ensure their utmost safety and comfort. In addition, our residential, on-site treatment means that patients can join the daily programme of therapy and counselling as soon as they are physically able.


Each patient at Smarmore Castle is given a personalised treatment plan developed by our consultant psychiatrist, which targets every aspect of their drug addiction. No two drugs have the same effects on a user, and our staff of professionals take this into account when planning treatment.

Our programme is based on the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous and includes detox, medical care, personal therapy, group therapy, complementary therapies, family therapy and continuing care arrangements. In addition, a healthy diet and regular exercise in a discreet private, countryside location help the patient regain both their mental and physical strength.

Patients are assigned a primary therapist, who provides regular one-on-one counselling throughout their stay. They will oversee the patient’s progress and work with the head nurse and consultant psychiatrist to develop a continuing care plan when it is time for the patient to leave.


We recognise that addiction is an incurable disease that can be managed and held in regression, enabling people to live happy, normal lives, but their recovery requires constant attention.  We, therefore, provide regular aftercare meetings for those who have recently completed treatment. More.

These can be in person or via Zoom and are arranged according to each person’s needs. We also encourage all our patients to participate in 12 Step Fellowships such as Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. Family Therapy can also be arranged.

Get the Drug Abuse Help You Need

If you or someone close to you is struggling with drug addiction, it is essential that you get the help you need as soon as possible. Attempting to detox on your own can be dangerous and does not tackle the underlying causes of addiction. By contrast, the Smarmore Castle rehab programme provides an excellent chance for achieving long-lasting recovery. Contact us now for advice on your next steps. 

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