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Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction to prescription drugs is a growing problem among people in Ireland

Prescription drug abuse is complicated by the fact that these drugs are legal and less stigmatised than illegal drugs.

Pregabalin | Tramadol | Painkillers | Codeine | Benzodiazepines

However, the ability to buy online has only accentuated the problem. Addiction to prescribed medication can have just as devastating an effect on the life of the user.

Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

At Smarmore Castle, near Dublin, we effectively treat people with prescription drug addiction through a prescription drug rehab plan which includes consultant psychiatric caredetox, medical treatment, addiction therapies and complementary therapies, in line with our 12 Step treatment model.

If the addiction stemmed from the use of painkillers to treat chronic pain, our chronic pain management programme helps our patients to resume a drug-free life, managing their condition without the use of addictive drugs.

Free addiction assesments are now avialble at Smarmore


Detoxing from prescription drugs can be a complex process that should only be undertaken with close medical supervision.

At Smarmore Castle, our specialist medical team are highly experienced in helping patients detox from prescription drugs in the utmost safety and comfort. Due to the residential nature of our treatment, patients are able to attend therapeutic activities while simultaneously undergoing detoxification.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 22 April, 2022