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Executive Programme

Smarmore Castle offers bespoke treatment plans through our Executive Programme. Whether we are approached by a patient, family member or a referring clinician, Smarmore Castle works hard to ensure that we meet any special requirements for our Executive Programme clients.  We understand that confidentiality and anonymity are of the utmost importance, and as such, we  guarantee complete discretion throughout the assessment and treatment process.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are unable to offer our Executive Programme at this time. Please contact our Admissions department on 41 214 5111 for more information. 

Executive Programme Booking & Assessment

As soon as a booking is requested, Mary Curtis, Smarmore Castle’s Manager takes personal charge of coordinating the executive client’s assessment. You will be given an explanation the Smarmore’s treatment programme, as well as the tailored and bespoke elements of the Executive Programme. At this time, you will be assessed for suitability and fit at Smarmore Castle. In addition, the assessment will include an exchange of information with any of your treating clinicians, and relevant family members or partners. We will discuss the optional and additional elements of the Programme with you, such as external Case Management for family members as well as sober transport.

Your assessment may also include a telephone review by a Consultant Psychiatrist, and we may need to request some of your medical information prior to admission. The full assessment will be completed once you arrive at Smarmore Castle and will be reviewed by the clinical team.

Once the clinical assessment has been finished, your booking with Smarmore Castle will be confirmed with our admissions department.

Focal Therapist

Each Executive Programme client is appointed a skilled and experienced focal psychotherapist. Your focal therapist may or may not be the same person who undertook your initial assessment. Your focal therapist will oversee your treatment plan, from the earliest stage through to the continuing care plan, including family therapy. The focal therapist will always be available to tend to the needs of their Executive Programme client.

Aspects of Treatment

  • Assessment by a Consultant Psychiatrist, Senior Therapist and multidisciplinary team
  • Detoxification from drugs and alcohol
  • Individual therapy (Monday to Friday)
  • Group therapy
  • Complementary therapies (subject to booking and availability)
  • Family therapy
  • Personalised aftercare management

Aspects of Wellness

During the assessment we take time to understand the wellness needs and requirements of our clients, including their prefered wellness therapies or exercise routines. The services and activities available on our Executive Programme include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna & steam room
  • Personal trainer for gym and aqua aerobics if requested
  • Nutritionist – including weight loss or weight gain planning
  • Massage therapist (2 sessions per week as standard)
  • Complementary Therapies, subject to booking and availabilty, such as:
    • Equine assisted therapy
    • Yoga instructor
    • Pilates instructor
    • Aromatherapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Daily Timetable

On a weekday, the patient benefits from a programme of one-to-one therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational work, exercise, wellness activities, and outings or other leisure activities.  Meal times and relaxation times are also worked into the programme. On weekends, a similar, but more relaxed programme of activities and treatment is arranged, with more of a focus on wellness and leisure activities.


Smarmore Castle has two allocated suites for our Executive Programme clients. One is located in the south wing of the Castle, with a private landing, en-suite bedroom and a walk-in wardrobe. The other is located in the Castle courtyard, affording greater privacy, and easy access to the gym and swimming pool. Additional amenities include luxury bedding, bathrobes and towels.


  • Digital detox or computer and phone access, subject to usage agreement (discussed during assessment)
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning service
  • Fresh flowers and fruit in bedroom (optional)
  • Daily newspaper (optional)
  • Transportation connections in company car

Travel & Arrival

Our chauffeur and additional staff member meets Executive Programme clients on arrival usually at Dublin or Belfast airports. Smarmore Castle staff can also research and advise on best flight options, and assist with booking. Smarmore Castle is 40 minutes from Dublin Airport and 90 minutes from Belfast’s two airports. Upon arrival at Smarmore Castle, the patient is offered some refreshment and, depending on their immediate needs, they are helped to unpack and relax, to begin their detox regime, or to continue with their ongoing assessment and orientation.


The length of our Executive Programme is 4 weeks and costs €9,520 per week. A two week programme can be agreed but at an extra cost (€11,420 per week instead of €9,520). A 2 week deposit is required in advance to secure the booking. This deposit is 50% refundable in case of cancellation up until the day of admission.


Feedback we have received on the Smarmore Castle Executive Programme includes:

  • Nursing Care:  “Very friendly/Flexible with times.”
  • Individual Therapist:  “Let me take time to realize. Always available.”
  • Accomodation:  “Super…House cleaning were brilliant.”
  • Staff support:  “Very friendly! Helpfull. Genuine. Happy.”
  • Group Therapy:  “I got plenty of time + support.”
  • Equine Therapy:  “She is great! Very original. Loved it.”
  • Catering:  “Super! Accomodated all my needs.”

Last updated & clinically assessed 28 June, 2021