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Admissions from England for Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, is a private residential rehab clinic providing detox and treatment for alcohol, drug, prescription drug and gambling addictions as well as dual diagnosis. We admit patients from all over England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to our alcohol and drug treatment clinic in Ireland.A private admission can be arranged within 24 hours.

Smarmore Castle is located in a discreet, rural setting, one hour’s drive between Dublin and Belfast and very accessible to patients coming from England by aeroplane or ferry. 

Access Residential Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment from England:

Patients from England can access addiction rehab treatment at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in the following ways:

Our Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Treatment Programme

Patients from England are welcome to Smarmore Clinic for an in-depth, personalised rehab treatment plan, consisting of: 

Our expert team is made up of highly trained therapists, nurses and doctors, led by a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Private Admissions from England

We accept requests for treatment from people who wish to pay privately.  A private admission can be arranged within 24 hours.  Call our admissions department and we will be happy to advise you on the different payment options.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 26 February, 2020