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Admissions from Northern Ireland

Smarmore Clinic, based near Belfast, treats people from Northern Ireland who are addicted to all types of drugs: illegal drugs and prescription drugs, as well as alcoholism and behavioural addictions such as compulsive gambling. Cannabis was the main drug of misuse in Northern Ireland in 2015, followed by cocaine, amphetamine, heroin, prescription drugs, new psychoactive substances and alcohol.

Located an hour’s drive south of Belfast, patients from Northern Ireland can gain fast and easy admission to our residential rehab programme. We are happy to collect patients coming from Europe and abroad from the Belfast airports by prior arrangement.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment near Northern Ireland

There are three main ways through which patients from Belfast and Northern Ireland can access treatment at Smarmore Clinic:

Click on the links above, visit our admission section or call us to find more about each payment option.

The duration of a stay at Smarmore private rehab centre can vary from 4-6 weeks depending on the severity of the illness and the recommendations of the pre-admission assessment carried by the Consultant Psychiatrist.

Patients from Northern Ireland are welcome to Smarmore Clinic for an in-depth, personalised alcohol and drug rehab treatment plan, consisting of: 

Our expert team is made up of highly trained therapists, nurses and doctors, led by a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Alcohol and Drug Support in Northern Ireland

If you live in Belfast or Northern Ireland and are worried that you may have a substance use problem, or if you think someone you know is struggling with alcohol and drugs addiction in Belfast or another place in Northern Ireland, we can helpContact our Admissions team for further information about treatment at Smarmore Clinic.

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Last updated & clinically assessed 26 February, 2020